Team building

There’s no better way to do team building than with El Reto!

We offer a unique experience designed for intense cooperation and working together. This is a perfect way to get out of the office for a high quality team building exercise. Collaboration, communication and creativity are crucial in finding your way and the time element adds both pressure and urgency to the experience.

You can also use the game as a recruitment tool; a manager or coach can join the Riddle Master in our live-view room, in which we can watch and listen to the live games via screens. This is a great way to observe the team and uncover new skills, discover natural leaders and watch your team grow into its full potential.

Far from the conventional methods, El Reto is an exceptional way to test and unite your team: the best team building event you can imagine!

Get ready to participate in one of the most valuable, rewarding, adrenaline-packed team building session you’ve ever done!