Do you know El Reto?

The most original, challenging and exciting activity to do in Seville, a new form of entertainment, Live Escape Game! 

The Escape Room concept is simple. Solve the puzzles with the clues in the room within 60 minutes to escape, some of the most exciting minutes of your life!

You come as a team and enter a room. The door closes and is locked behind you. The game starts. You have 60 minutes to solve the challenge and escape from the mysterious room in which you are locked. Investigate your environment, find hints and clues, solve puzzles and riddles and communicate within your team to achieve the goal.

Your ingenuity and your team spirit are the keys to your success.The best advice? Move quickly before the time runs out!
If you like challenges and are looking for an unique experience to live in company, this is your place. A game for restless and curious people that will test your wits.

Are you up for a real life challenge?

Never heard of Escape Room? Not to worry, we will guide you through this new and exciting game.

It’s an experience everyone should try. Escape Room used to only be an online game where you click on the screen to find hidden items and hints that will unlock you way out, etc. El Reto now brings that world to life by creating themed rooms for you to explore.

Since 2012 Escape Room games has become one of the major attractions for all kinds of people around the world, try it and see why!

A team of 2-5 people enter the room, the door closes behind them and starts the game. From there, players star this adventure, with their intuition and collaboration between them they only have 60 minutes to escape from a mysterious room, solving puzzles and riddles, finding objects, keys, codes… your decisions determine the outcome. Every item has a new secret, will you be able to solve them all and escape the room in less than an hour? Test your skills… and met El Reto!Are you ready?

Do you have what it takes to dare El Reto?

We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who enjoy seeking challenges, fun and excitement. With our creativity, we have created an innovative escape experience in Seville.

El Reto was founded in november 2014 after the owners became enthralled with Escape Room games, and wanted to create their very own. Now, after much care and work, El Reto finally opens its doors in the fall of 2015.

Our goal is to create a different experience, where players got immersed into the game so much that they wouldn’t even notice how fast the hour flew by. All participants become protagonists of an adventure where there is something to do for everyone; the room is complex enough to be challenging, but with a large success rate at the same time.

Gone are the days when we only had the option to just go to a movie and watch the action unfold.  With El Reto, you get some skin in the game as you and your friends become the protagonists who race against the clock to determine your own fate.

The most popular game across the world, now in Seville! Try it, you’ll want to return.

Do you dare?


Una original experiencia, bien organizada y supervisada. La hora de la actividad pasa volando.

La originalidad de Experimenta tu Reto es que las pistas no son secuenciales por lo que permite a los diferentes jugadores ir resolviendo de manera individual las diferentes pistas que se van encontrando.

Muy recomendable

Pablo Quintanal

El primer room escape que hemos hecho, y ha sido muy divertido. El trato ha sido muy amable y correcto.

¡Un juego muy conseguido, repetiré seguro!

María García

¡Feliz día del orgullo friki! 🖖🏼

No te olvides de disfrutar de nuestra oferta especial 🤓 ¡20% de descuento!
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2 days ago

El Reto Escape Room Sevilla

¡Doble Reto de éxito total! Ambos equipos consiguieron escapar a tiempo 😄 ¡pero ganaron en El País de la Fantasía! Enhorabuena a ambos grupos, esperamos la revancha 😉 See MoreSee Less

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¡¡OFERTA ESPECIAL por el Día del orgullo friki!!🤑

📆 Desde mañana jueves hasta este domingo, ambos incluidos, reserva con un 20% de descuento en cualquiera de nuestras sesiones 🐰🕵🏽‍♂️

Si haces tu reserva online 💻 recuerda poner en notas: OrgulloFriki. Si lo haces contactando directamente con nosotros 📲 dinos que te apliquemos la oferta 😁

¡Comparte para que tus amig@s disfruten esta oportunidad! 📢

*no se aplicará a reservas ya hechas o en las que no especifiquéis vuestro orgullo por el frikismo🖖🏼
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¡Feliz día del orgullo friki! 🖖🏼

No te olvides de disfrutar de nuestra oferta especial 🤓 ¡20% de descuento! #OrgulloFriki

OFERTA ESPECIAL por el Día del orgullo friki!🤑Desde mañana jueves hasta este domingo, ambos incluidos, reserva con un 20% de descuento en cualquiera de nuestras sesiones 🐰🕵🏽‍♂️+info:
RT para que tus amig@s disfruten esta oportunidad📢 #OrgulloFriki

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El Reto, ¡más que recomendados!
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